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Bombilla Sunmaster Dual Lamp HPS

Bulb High Pressure Sodium for growing marijuana indoors. This Dual Lamp offers improved lighting in both light spectra, thus ensuring strong growth and abundant flowering.

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  • 400W
  • 600W

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At specific times during the growing season, plants require a variety of different types of light radiation. In other words, young plants are different from those that are about to mature needs. To maximize the potential of your plants and ensure they grow up healthy, strong and productive, you need to give them the right kind of light radiation at the right time.

The new lamp Sunmaster Dual Spectrum is a radically new lamp that has been scientifically studied and designed specifically for commercial and amateur growers. Using new Dual Spectrum lamps (which are fully compatible with your existing connections and ballasts) can provide improved abundant abundant in blue or red light, your plants in the crucial stages of development.

The new Sunmaster Dual Spectrum range cleverly combines extra blue and red double lamp spectrum.

- Fully compatible with existing fittings and ballasts

- Superior Performance

- Energy efficient

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Bombilla Sunmaster Dual Lamp HPS