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Root Pouch Propagation Pot

Root Pouch Propagation are fine, porous and very light geotextile pots, which allow the roots to peal, be more aerated, protect them from cold and heat, thereby producing healthier, stronger and fibrous root systems. If planted directly in the ground, it decomposes after 12-18 months, releasing the roots to the ground.

Available in 3.8 L, 8 L and 12 L sizes.

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Root Pouch Propagation very good to use in propagation and greenhouses.

Thin-walled geotextile pots with a thickness of 90gr / m2. It allows nutrients and water to pass through but the substrate does not escape. If the pots are in soil covered on all sides, they allow the roots to break in about 12-18 months, which begins to decompose.

Very light weight with a porous fabric, perfect for replacing plastic bags and flower pots.

Prevents roots from curling

You boost the growth and production of plants

Geotextile allows roots to breathe

Keeps plants warmer in winter and cooler in summer

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Root Pouch Propagation Pot