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Tierra de Diatomeas - Diatical

Diatomaceous Earth is a mineral of plant origin that has unique properties that give it uses such as a great dehydrating effect for natural pest control and the ability to increase the nutritional characteristics of the soil. Applied both in irrigation and by foliar way. Dosage: Preventive 10 g / liter, Healing 20 g / liter, once a week as needed.

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Diatical®, Diatomaceous Earth, is a complete product that has beneficial effects for the plant at all times, stimulating the root creation, sprouting and fruiting phase. It is also effective in preventing or correcting a lack of calcium.

With long-lasting and quickly visible effects, this product is especially suitable for plants that require special care in addition to a high demand for calcium, as well as in calcium-poor soils. Diatical® improves the absorption of nutrients from your crops as it is able to remove sodium from the wet bulb.

With Diatical®, you can avoid many diseases and pathologies that are frequent in crops. It is a product that can be used in Organic Agriculture.


It can be supplied both in irrigation and in the foliar way, mix between 10-20 grams per liter of water and apply it once a week.

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Tierra de Diatomeas - Diatical