Panel Pure Led 200W

200W Pure LED lighting panel, ideal for growing marijuana indoors in small spaces, with a light footprint of up to 100 x 50 cm. With dimensions of 80 x 40 cm and adjustable in 4 intensities (0-25-50-75-100%), in addition to being able to connect it to a lighting controller. Mounted with Samsung SMD2835 and Honglitronics LEDs, which give this panel an efficiency of 2.82 mol / J.

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The PureLED professional agricultural luminaire combines high performance with an original, practical design that is both durable and stable. Diodes and ballast from leading brands with their superior performance make this luminaire one of the most powerful and reliable on the market.

The innovative passive thermal dissipation system makes it possible to dispense with fans and other moving parts, thus achieving completely silent operation.

The luminaire features full spectrum lighting for the entire crop cycle - from germination to harvest for optimal plant development. The intensity is adjustable through a button in 5 steps (0-25-50-75-100%).

The PureLEDs can also be chain-operated by an external controller (not included). This controller, apart from setting the on / off times, provides the PureLEDs with even more versatility and utility, such as a power reduction in case of overheating, automatic shutdown in case of emergency, dawn, dusk and the full power of the LED.

The distance between the luminaire and the plants for optimal development is 45 to 50 cm.

Technical characteristics PureLed 200

PPF: 565.06 mol / s
Efficiency: 2.82 mol / J
Size: 800 x 400 x 90mm
Input voltage: 100-277V, AC
LEDs: Samsung SMD2835, Honglitronics
Beam angle: 120º
Lifespan: 50,000 h
Warranty: 5 years

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Panel Pure Led 200W

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