Bud Kups Kit Plus
  • Bud Kups Kit Plus
  • Bud Kups Kit Plus
  • Bud Kups Kit Plus

Bud Kups Kit Plus

Complete filling and storage system for your BudKups.

With the BudKups plus kit of capsules for PAX 3, PAX 2 you will be able to get the best performance from your vaporizer, by not having to fill and clean the capsule every time you use it.

The best option to keep your herb fresh in BudKups capsules with its pocket humidor in which it will allow you to carry 6 full capsules.


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Simplify the vaping experience and organize your BudKups accessories.

PAX2/3 compatible.

Contains: 6 BudKups, Packing System, Pocket Humidor, 2 Vault Humidity Control Packets (4 grams each, 62% relative humidity) and 2 BudKup Extraction Tools.

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