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Substrate Light Mix - Bio Bizz

Light Mix is ​​a semi-fertilized Organic substrate, with nutrients for the marijuana plant for 1-2 weeks. It has pH (6.2) and EC (1.2) levels adjusted to grow cannabis both indoors and outdoors. Light Mix is ​​also ideal for planting marijuana seeds, cuttings, young plants ...

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Light Mix is ​​the ideal substrate for ecologically conscious growers who wish to boost their plants growth from the beginning by applying liquid fertilizers.

The micro activity is generated when the liquids in the earth act as organic catalysts.

Light Mix is ​​also ideal for cuttings, young plants and seedlings. This soil mix ensures rapid root development and vigorous initial growth.

Light Mix allows you to use more fertilizer without risking overloading the soil and burning the plant.

The composition of this mixture optimizes drainage whatever the medium in which it is used, something essential especially when using automatic irrigation systems.

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Substrate Light Mix - Bio Bizz