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  • Northern X fem - Deluxe Seeds

Northern X fem - Deluxe Seeds

Northern Lights x Pure Afghan. Variety of high-performance, easy to grow, ideal for beginners. Plant of medium height with multiple branches filled with dense buds, coated with resin. Its flavor is sweet and fruity with a soft but notorious effect, which is a pot, suitable for smoking all day without losing concentration. Flowering indoor: 50-55 days; 500gr / m2.

Opciones: Blister 1u.

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Height: Medium / Low size, with short internodes.

Flowering indoor: Optimal harvest point, past 7-8 weeks of flowering with a yield up to 550gr / m2.

Flowering outdoor: Mid September, being perfect for climates of northern Europe, leaving harvest between 800gr / 1KG per plant.

Flavor (burnt): Smooth, floral, fruity.
Aroma (unburned): Fruity, sweet, incense.

Bud Appearance: Its flowers are huge and compact, in his last weeks of flowering to be careful with brotitis. Copious amounts of resin.


Duration of effect: Medium.

Fast Effect: Gradual.

Quality effect: Its effect is moderate and increases gradually. It combines mind and body relaxation without reaching the point of dispersion or desconcentration, so we present it as an ideal grass to smoke during the day between tasks.


After a long selection of Northern Lights and generations of backcross, the version found in our opinion, is the most similar to the flavor of the old Northern, only that we are going in flowering time; so we decided to cross it with our Afghani elite clone. The result was amazing, indeed got shorten flowering time while increasing barbarically resin production without altering the taste just acquired our Northern Lights F1.

THC: 16% CBD: 1%

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Mayor Indica (relajante)
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