Control de Extracción e Intracción por Tº + P

GSE climate controller with temperature and pressure control, for use in a marijuana grow with entry and exit of air. The Fan Controller keeps the temperature constant carrier and low pressure, so do not leave odors out of cultivation.

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Digital climate controller GSE with pressure control for use in dwellings with entrance and exit of air. The Fan Controller maintains constant indoor temperature and low pressure to prevent odor.

This device is easy to use, allowing you to adjust the temperature and pressure required just two buttons. This Fan Controller also could be used alone as exhaust fan.
No need to attach more items as it comes ready to start working. Includes a cover or lid sealed waterproof plug and sensor low power or voltage which makes it perfect for dwellings with moisture. The sensor comes with 4 meter cable and can extend up to 50 meters.

Sizes and technical data's:
Case: WxHxD = 130x92x105mm
Controller: WxHxD = 160x130x105mm
Designed for: 10A / 2x1'150W / TRIAC 2x16A
Volts: 230V / 50HZ
Digital sensor 5V Measures temperatures from –55°C to +125°C (–67°F to +257°F)
0.5°C accuracy from –10°C to +85°C
Protection class IP54

Settings range:
Temperature: 20C° to -30C°
Minimum speed: off, 20% to -100%
Negative pressure: 100% to -50%

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Control de Extracción e Intracción por Tº + P