TermoHigrometro CTH-608A
  • TermoHigrometro CTH-608A

Termo-Higrómetro con sonda KNX 608A

Thermo-hygrometer Kenex, accurately measures the humidity and temperature of our room growing marijuana in Celsius or Fahrenheit degrees, including a temperature probe to be placed on the tips of the marijuana plants and know exactly what temperature are. With a very easy to understand and large display screen for easy and quick reading.


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This device accurately measures moisture and temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit and has a very easy to understand flag indicating whether the levels of both measures are adequate or if instead the environment is too dry or wet.

The external sensor 1.8 meter measures the temperature and humidity being the Thermo-Hygrometer ideal for controlling the humidity and temperature in the aerial part of the culture, may have the thermo-hygrometer comfortably hung on the wall.

It also has an alarm clock.

Memory of maximum and minimum temperature and humidity.


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