LED Raging PRO 400W
  • LED Raging PRO 400W
  • LED Raging PRO 400W
  • LED Raging PRO 400W

LED Raging PRO 400W

RAGING PRO 400W is an LED lighting system, a professional line for indoor crops with an amazing spectrum and PPFD. Which will allow us to get the most out of our crop.


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Like the Solaris Xpert 800W and RAGING PRO 600W, its PPFD is really high, which is why we recommend using it with CO2 since it can get better performance. Exceeds 1,600 micromoles at 30 cm distance.

Its spectrum and high PPFD guarantee us to obtain a great production, but we must also pay attention to the working distance and selected power so as not to damage our plants. The spectrum of the RAGING PRO 400W, is the same as that of its older brother RAGING PRO 600W, it has large peaks in orange and red colors in order to obtain higher production and final product quality.

With more white/blue spectra and less orange, we will obtain more light efficiency, but less production. High-end components; OPO Semiconductor 3030R special horticultural line + deep red 660nm and far red 730nm, and driver from the renowned Sosen brand. This magnificent combination of 660nm deep red and 730nm far red IR diodes provides the famous Emerson effect. By combining these two reds, we will obtain a higher rate of photosynthesis.

Another function of the 730nm IR is to avoid shadows (dark reversion), the plants will need less hours of darkness, since when receiving this type of radiation they automatically fall asleep when turning off the lights.

All this will speed up the harvest and increase production. Its ideal coverage area is 1.0m, within which light distribution and penetration is optimal. Passive heat dissipation, no noise. It uses a double aluminum plate. A pcb board, where the diodes are incorporated, and a 3mm thicker board to help heat dissipation.

The RAGING PRO 400W, has an RJ14 port connection , which allows connecting some equipment with others and controlling them from the Central Master Controller. A total of 80 equipment can be controlled.

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