Lumatek Zeus 465W Compact Pro LED
  • Lumatek Zeus 465W Compact Pro LED
  • Lumatek Zeus 465W Compact Pro LED
  • Lumatek Zeus 465W Compact Pro LED
  • Lumatek Zeus 465W Compact Pro LED

Lumatek Zeus 465W Compact Pro LED

The Lumatek Zeus 465W Compact PRO LED is made up of 5 bars of 93W LEDs, with a full spectrum for the entire plant cycle. Professional range LED panel, with Lumatek controller, LUMLED and Osram LEDs, dimmable from 25% -50% -75% -100%. Ideal for 120 x 120 cm grow tents where we will get the highest quality buds with a large amount of terpenes.


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Lumatek Zeus 465W Compact Pro LED is a professional panel made up of 5 LED bars of 93W each, which makes it have a uniform light distribution in 120 x 120 cm, producing a PPF of 1256 µmol / s and an efficiency of photons ( binding efficiency) of 2.7 µmol / J.

With advances in technology, Lumatek Zeus 465W Compact PRO horticultural LED lighting offers a perfect balance of light (spectrum) with the amount of light (intensity and duration), so that the same system can provide the necessary light during the entire growing cycle from the vegetative period to the flowering period.

The Zeus is built with high-quality Lumatek drivers and top-of-the-line LEDs from LUMLED and Osram, generating a full spectrum light source, covering all needs both growing and flowering.

It has an intensity regulator so that it works at 25% - 50% - 75% - 100% of its power, without losing efficiency, depending on the period in which the cannabis plants are found.

The Zeus 465W Compact Pro device can also be controlled externally with the Lumatek Plus digital lighting controller with automatic dimming, temperature safety control, Sunrise & Sunset mode for up to 100 devices per controller.


Efficacy: 2.7 µmol / J
PPF: 1256 µmol / s
Input voltage: 200-240V
Power Consumption: 465W
Footprint: 1.2x1.2m
Waterproof: IP65
Lifespan: 60,000 hours
Light distribution: 120 °
Light source: Osram Dark Red 660NM 3.3 μmol/J (Red) y diodos LUMLED White 3.3 μmol/J (white)
Dimmable: OFF-25% -50% -75% -100% with 0-10V dimmer (included)
Weight: 11 Kg
Dimensions: 998 x 900 x 51.9 mm
Spectrum: Balanced full spectrum, both for growth and flowering. 15% red diodes - 85% white diodes

Lumatek LED
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