Digital Dimmable Ballast Lumatek

Ballast Lumatek for growing marijuana, are small, compact, quiet, ultra-light and easy to assemble, these ballasts are capable of delivering more light with less power consumption, 0.5A consume less than magnetic ballasts also extend the life of the bulb.

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  • 400W
  • 600W
  • 1000W

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The Lumatek electronic ballast produces up to 20% more light output (lumens) the basic standard coil (magnetic) while using less electricity. More light equals better performance. The test data has shown that a digital Lumatek 600W produces only 5% less usable light than a traditional 1000W. They do not degrade and remain effective throughout his life. Over time the coil usually give off a strong magnetism, produce less light, emit more heat and use more electricity.

Four modes of operation by model:
250W Model: selectable between 150W - 175W - 250W - 250WSuperLumen
400W Model: selectable between 250W - 250WSuperLumen - 400W - 400WSuperLumen
600W Model: selectable between 400W - 400WSuperLumen - 600W - 600WSuperLumen

Main features of all models:
- Completely silent (no ringing - no vibration)
- No moving parts - produces less heat
- The lining is made of resin to protect the long life components
- Soft Start Technology (lamps last 3 times longer)
- Waterproof - (sealed from the inside)
- Fast startup - reaches full brightness in under a minute
- No Fans - ensures reliability
- Fully interchangeable - Turn both HPS and MH bulbs
- Circuit breaker if autoapagado
- An external fuse protects the system against power surges
- Rubber feet for lower air circulation.

Caution: super lumen so make sure the lamp works continued for 10 minutes before switching mode. The rapid change of modes may damage the lamp.

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Digital Dimmable Ballast Lumatek