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Controller NX-1 - LUXX Lighting
  • Controller NX-1 - LUXX Lighting
  • Controller NX-1 - LUXX Lighting
  • Controller NX-1 - LUXX Lighting

Controller NX-1 - LUXX Lighting

With the NX-1 controller from LUXX Lighting we will have full control of our LUXX HPS / LEC / LED luminaires. We can control up to 80 fixtures in 1 room or 40 fixtures in 2 alternate rooms at 12/12. Its function, among others, is to time the lights, regulate the power of the equipment and has a security system that dims the lights or turns them off depending on the temperature of the room.


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The Luxx NX-1 Lighting Controller is a simple and powerful system for controlling your lighting equipment. It is compatible with all Luxx Lighting fixtures.

- 24 Hour Timer (on/off with inverse function)

- Set Output level: 50-115%

- Select Ballast Type: 315/400/600/630/750/1000W

- Show Output as W or %

- Auto-dim at Set temp

- Auto shutdown at Set Temp

- Sunrise / Sunset period

- Outputs: 2 (main/aux)

- Temperature Sensors: 2 (for two rooms 12/12)

- Ballasts per output: 40

- Total number of ballasts: 80 either in one room or 2x40 in 12/12

- Warranty: 3 years

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