• AUTOMARIA 2 Auto

Automaria II

A potent autoflowering hybrid, mainly sativa with some features of Indica. Life Cycle 60-70 days. Harvest outdoors: April to October.

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We have selected the most resinous Automaría our # 1 plant for use as a father plant , crossed this with a very famous Sativa variety to breed a new generation. In those seeds found something surprising and continued one step further by choosing the fastest effect sativa plants to cross between them . The result was a most Sativa autoflowering hybrid with some Indica traits . Automaría II gets you high as a kite . The buds rich with fragrances and dewed with resin , are responsible for a complete head-rush with a nice harmonic body relaxing effect .

It grows very vigorously to support the weight of the flowers growing in spirals . The calyx to leaf ratio is excellent for a quick manicure. In interior can reach between 70 and 100 cm . Height in outside even get bigger . Ideal for guerilla growing , multiple harvests and indoor cultivation when limited space requires medium size.
These plants guarantee a fast potent yield and complete satisfaction for Sativa lovers .

Type: Autoflowering Sativa / Indica
Yield: 350/450 grams per square meter indoors. Outdoors 75 grams per plant.
Lifecycle: from seed to harvest, approximately 60 days indoors and up to 70 days abroad.
Outdoors in colder regions Northern latitude: Start in May / June and finish in July / August. In warmer areas multiple harvests . In tropical areas the whole year.
Effect: Stimulating, euphoric high
Aroma / Taste: Fruity , floral
THC :15- 18 %

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