Pure EXPERT 720W
  • Pure EXPERT 720W
  • Pure EXPERT 720W
  • Pure EXPERT 720W

Pure EXPERT 720W

The newest in led luminaire, EXPERT 720W offers the possibility of individually designing a light curve for each phase of cultivation and includes an extra channel to add UV radiation. The spectrum can be adjusted to the needs of a specific genetic in order to obtain the best development.


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The luminaire is equipped with two individually adjustable channels for Vegetative and Flowering phases, as well as a third built-in channel for separately regulating UV radiation.

The EXPERT model is perfect for the grower who wants to provide their plants with an optimized spectrum in PAR light and include extra UV radiation to ensure perfect plant development.

In terms of quality, the EXPERT 720W luminaire provides the same features as the already experienced PureLED PRO range with its combination of high performance and original, practical, durable, useful and stable design.

Its individual passive thermal dissipation system makes it possible to do without fans and other moving parts, thus achieving completely silent operation.

Note: If we use the EXPERT luminaire in conjunction with the new PureLED Controller 2.0 we can program the on/off cycle independently for the VEG/BLOOM and UV channels. In case we only want to add an extra UV radiation at certain times of the day.

Of course, Controller 2.0 also provides us with the possibility of programming the light intensity of each channel separately, apart from the usual functions such as dimming in case of overheating, emergency shutdown and sunrise/sunset simulation.

The Pure LED EXPERT 720W luminaire is indicated for cultivation surfaces up to 150 x150 cm.

The distance between the luminaire and the plants for optimal development is from 20 to 60 cm.

Warranty: Up to 5 years.

Technical characteristics Pure LED EXPERT 720W:

- Consumption (100%): 720 W

- PPF: 2016 mol/s

- Efficiency: 2.8 mol/J

- Size: 1125 x 1100 x 80mm

- Weight: 13.5 Kg

- Input voltage: AC, 100-277 V, 50/60 Hz

- Light source / diode type: Samsung LM281B+ Pro (2880 units), Honglitronics SMD 3535 (660nm-126 units, 385nm-24 units)

- Beam angle: 120º


- 1 x 720W LED luminaire with ballast

- 1 x Power cord

- 1 x 3 m signal cable

- 2 x Adjustable pulley kit

- 2 x Fixed hanging kit

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