Skunk Kush fem
  • Skunk Kush fem

Skunk Kush fem

New selection of Skunk sublime. Great power and unsurpassed flavor due to the work of several generations that gives the twist to this Skunk. Flowering indoor: 50-60 days. Outdoor Harvest: Late October.

Opciones: Paquete 3u.

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As its name suggests , the latest hybrid Skunk feminized Sensi mixes the pure Afghani genes of Hindu Kush with the explosive vigor and unstoppable performance of Skunk # 1. Less known is the fact that there are several generations of cross-breeding in the history of the original Skunk Kush , which provide a distinctive character and a different flavor and variety to both normal range and the new 100 % female .

Feminized Skunk Kush has the thick stems and dark , leathery foliage of her Afghani parent and displays the vigor and size of a Skunk, typically gaining 150 % of her vegetated height in blooming , occasionally more. Bud formation is the particular winner in this melting pot of cannabis cultivars spicy hashish.

Thick Afghani -Skunk glands are normal when the 100 % female variety is grown Skunk Kush , and our favorite phenotypes have an incredible floral structure , tower-shaped , composed of grape-like clusters of buds , apparently a throwback to Sativa ancestors of Skunk # 1. The bubbling calyxes make for solid buds , semi offering weight plus a large surface area for resin glands to be developed later. Some trichomes so bulbous that attentive growers can actually watch them swell and change color near harvest heads.

When grown in their natural form, or the lower branches removed , the central bud of Skunk Kush will take up half of the main stem in many plants, and up to 75 % females in the more open , slightly-Sativa . In this strain , musky aroma of resinous Afghani Skunk and are complemented by citrus zest . The star phenotypes take the fruity tang to sensational heights with lusciously sharp lemon and menthol flavors that linger on the palate and open the airways .

A booming body-stone is the most powerful effect felt from the Afghani -influenced females , while the Skunk - Sativa throwbacks add a sizzling sideways counterpunch .

You can always expect a dreamy, giggly, red eyes Skunk Kush Feminized
high performance
Average height
Short flowering period ( 40-65 days)
40 % Sativa / 60 % Indica

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