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  • Easy Roller, pulleys easily attach reflectors and fans. With these pulleys you can bring the spotlight on marijuana plants very easily.

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  • These glasses use a blue lenses specially developed to correct the pitch of high discharge lamps. This allows you to enter into cultivation with the lights and see it as if it were day abroad; great help in making the daily inspection and catch any kind of problem.

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  • Light bulb designed to be able to work with the plants when the grow light is off, since the green spectrum does not bother them when they rest. It is very important not to stress the plants when they are resting and this is why it is essential to have a green bulb like the Agrolite Dark Night to be able to do maintenance work when the grow light is off.

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  • Green LED Bulb with which you can enter in your marijuana grow room in his nocturnal stage without altering the photoperiod plants. With standard E27 and consumption of only 3.5W.Dimensions: 110 mm long x 36 mm in diameter.

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  • Green LED headlamp, with which we can enter our indoor marijuana grow room to perform maintenance tasks during its night cycle without altering its photoperiod or stressing them.

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  • Set of two brake pulleys with a maximum resistance of 5 kg. Ideal for hanging simple lightweight reflectors.

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  • Adjustable pulleys with brake Neptune Hydroponics. Accommodates up to 68 Kg. Being ideal for hanging cooled quality reflectors and even carbon filters for indoor marijuana grows. Housing made of high quality polypropylene ropes braided nylon ultra-resistant 240 cm in length.

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  • 1.5 meter cable of 3 x 1.5 with injected plug to connect the ballasts and exhausts for indoor growing that come without cable.

    4,20 €
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  • Cap E40 ceramic lamp standard HPS, MH and CFL indoor marijuana grows.

    4,00 €
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