Skunk 11 fem
  • Skunk 11 fem
  • Skunk 11 fem
  • Skunk 11 fem
  • Skunk 11 fem

Skunk 11 fem

A very nice Skunk selection. Good results in yield and potency. Variety feminized Dutch Passion cheapest, but quality.

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Skunk # 11 is a true cannabis legend , our only varieties which have sold over a million seeds . Probably the most popular variety of grass around the world ... And for good reason, since it is not a skunk at all.

Many of our customers have purchased Skunk # 11 for years and are satisfied with its performance and the exquisite skunk to the point of not wanting to try other varieties. This highly stable premium variety is the result of years of breeding by our top skunk geneticist and is a failsafe plant , growing , production and excellent power . In addition to providing exceptional resistance to mildew and disease , Skunk # 11 provides a nice effect which is famous for anti-anxiety , relaxing the body and calming the spirit . The stone is satisfying , high, chilled and erotic , besides contributing enough to let you work if you have energy to do things . In this sense, it is what we call a ' medium stone' which many prefer to an incapacitating "total buzz ' .

Skunk # 11 grows vigorously in any grow medium, indoors, under glass or outdoors. It is a strong plant with generous yields of resin covered buds , and has a spicy aroma Shiva old school and a rich , cheesy indica taste . Our Skunk expert recommends harvesting at 7 weeks . Maybe the buds are still green at this point, but Skunk # 11 is at its best , glorious and incomparable. Your guarantee of satisfaction are more than a million seeds sold . Discover for yourself the variety of high quality , which we offer at a remarkably affordable for being a plant of such high performance price.

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Indica/Sativa hybrid
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