Hollands Hope fem
  • Hollands Hope fem
  • Hollands Hope fem
  • Hollands Hope fem
  • Hollands Hope fem
  • Hollands Hope fem

Hollands Hope fem

One of the first Dutch Outdoor strains, grown since the early 80s. A heavy Indica variety, hard fact. Very mold resistant. Flowering indoor: 8 weeks. Outdoor harvest: end September
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Hollands Hope is a legendary variety , one of the first that was fully acclimatized and grown outdoors in Holland in the early Eighties. Hollands Hope is characterized by its resistance to rust and be a tough and reliable variety that is ready to harvest in late September or early October , about eight weeks after flowering .

Indica is a selected quality to withstand outdoor weather but the Dutch also grows well in other climates . Plants usually reach between one and two meters high. This variety Indica very productive with a powerful narcotic effect and, from the beginning, has been one of our favorite outdoor varieties .

Plants can produce 100 to 1000 grams each depending on the culture conditions . Be careful not to feed the excess Holland Hope because this too can enhance sprout leaves and bud production decreases. The buds usually reach two feet in length and have many small leaves.

Hollands Hope has been a variety of productive and reliable for many years abroad , when smoking is pretty sweet and potent effect leaves you sitting so appreciate both smokers and therapeutic recreational users. The effect lasts a good two hours . Many outdoor growers who plant Hollands Hope have been doing for years. Under optimal conditions the plants become large very productive bush with lots of side branches. It is a variety which is supported by a whole generation of outdoor growers .




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Mostly Indica
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