CANNA Terra Profesional
  • CANNA Terra Profesional

CANNA Terra Profesional

Canna Terra Profesional is a nitrogen rich substrate specific for growing cannabis plants. Since they have an ideal PH and EC, you will not need to fertilize for 1-2 weeks.

Opciones: 50 L

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CANNA Terra Profesional Substrate

Exclusive value-added organic ingredients such as aerated peat powder and various types of tree bark that have antiseptic action are components of Terra Professional and Terra Professional Plus.

When we use CANNA Terra Professional, a very fast result is obtained since it benefits a brutal growth of the roots and a development of thicker stems in the plants, if we combine it with a faster metabolism and the low rates of diseases we are guaranteeing a greater production. . It is also specially designed for cannabis crops, keeping the PH and EC adjusted.

We also know that Cannabis grows best in nitrogen rich soil and the Canna Terra Professional soil mix is ​​nothing like what you would find in a garden center. It contains a mixture of soil, compost, perlite, and a special "natural plant stimulant" that is a blend of organic ingredients.

If you are going to grow in soil, this is the soil mix you need.

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