Reflector Adjust A Wings Enforce
  • Reflector Adjust A Wings Enforce
  • Reflector Adjust A Wings Enforce

Reflector Adjust A Wings Enforce

Reflectors Adjust a Wings. It is the quintessential reflector for growing indoor marijuana with a great reflection of 97% and a maximum production of buds, covering more area under cultivation.

2 models available: Medium and Large.

Modelo: Medium + Spreader

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Medium: for a 400W bulb or a 600W; dimensions of the wider configuration of the reflector: 70 x 55 cm.

Professional: for a 1000W bulb, or two 600W; dimensions of the wider configuration of reflector: 100 x 70 cm.

Cap and Super Spreader are included in both models.

The reflective surface is finely textured to promote the diffusion of light (95%). The weight is about half that of steel and heat dissipation is unbeatable.

The Adjust-A-Wings reflectors are both efficient and versatile time: can be set open, increasing the area of ​​cultivation, and so can the lamp closer to the plants, improving their performance; You can also adjust more closed and place the reflector proportionally further from the plants to grow in order to provide light and heat in line with the needs of sensitive plants.

The basic design principles of Adjust-A-Wings are logic and simplicity. They are built using a minimum of materials and moving parts. The wings form a succession of perfect forms, creating a double parabola when mounted, bending and tension. With this design the Adjust-A-Wings does not trap heat or hinders the movement of air in the enclosure of growth or the lamp. Because of its high heat dissipation, can be used very close to plants, thus improving the amount of light, without burning the foliage. The vertical sliding fixture ensures full compatibility with any lamp market.

Detail components:
- Reflector Super Bright crystallized granulated aluminum.
- Stainless steel cable and multiple anchors.
- Very easy assembly. No tools are required.
- Height Adjustable Cap, completely parallel to the reflector.
- Curved anchors to hang the reflector, which allows it to be tilted.

Super Spreader:
Super Spreader adding accessory, the reflector Adjust-A-Wings get high efficiency and can be placed at a distance of 20-30 cm unprecedented to grow plants and produce some amazing light levels, increasing the area covered and the depth penetration, preventing burns in the leaves and shoots.

The Super-Spreader is the best light diffuser there. With it an excellent and more homogeneous distribution of light, efficiently reflecting excess light from the central point of the bulb, reaching the farthest of the crop is achieved. The Super-Spreader reduces excessive light reflection and acts "cooler" areas of the lamp where accumulates calor.Estas more unique features allows growers lamp closer to the plants, and thus benefit from increase light penetration, while maintaining (even increased) production areas under the same lamp.

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