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Big Tooth fem

Big Tooth crossing Hawaiian Sativa x Afghani x Nepalese New Strain Hunters seed bank. Variety resistant to pests and cold temperatures, very resinous. Flowering indoor: 8-9 weeks. ** All packages come with DVD Gift expedition, do not stay without yours!

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Genetics: Afghani x Hawaiian x Nepalese Sativa 60% Indica - 40 % Sativa

Height: Average size , with a internudal distance of 8 to 12 cm

Flowering indoor : 8-9 weeks. Produces up to 0.9 grams ( bud once dried and manicured ) x Watt x m2 (HPS 1000 W)

Outdoor flowering : 9-10 weeks with a production up to 1 kilograms per plant , depending on the final size. Good resistance to pests .

Sabor (burnt ) : woody , spicy, herbal , with a touch of roses and flowers.
Aroma ( unburned ) : Very spicy with a mineral leave . Reminds chili peppers or hot spices .

Looks dry / crumbled bud : Colas large , medium density , large cup with long stigmas. The dried buds acquire a brownish tone.

Effect speed : Fast
Duration of the effect : Short , as will be reached very rapidly
Well balanced between body and mind Intense, complex: effect type / quality . Irregular power phases can be alternated and relax , creating a type of very unpredictable effect .
Medicinal Qualities : Medicinally effective as antidepressant and appetite stimulant

Big Tooth is a variety of quick and vigorous growth. Resistant pests and fungi , and cold temperatures.
It is a leafy plant with average internodal distances tends to expand cultivation if space permits. Its leaves are large overlapping
The buds are irregular, pear-shaped
Often grow into foxtails . The chalices with small , round and covered with resin .
Its scent is complex and pervasive. At first the effect is similar to that of an Indica variety with a rapid effect after becomes psychoactive laughter.

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