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Afgooey fem

Afgooey is a famous variety in California that is now available to everyone. Buzz uncertain and gradually very creative. Help against apathy. Flowering indoor: 8 weeks. ** All packages come with DVD Gift expedition, do not stay without yours!

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Genetics: Afghani x Maui Haxe 70 % Indica - 30 % Sativa.

Height: low-growing plant with a short , less than 5 cm distance interudal

Flowering indoor : 8 weeks. Produces up to 0.9 grams (dried manicured buds ) x Wattio x m2 ( sodium 1000W) .

Flowering outdoor : 8 weeks, with production up to 1 kilogram per plant bud once dried and manicured , depending on the final size.

Taste: (burnt ) : citrus , fruity kush style , earthy .
Aroma ( unburned ) : orange, lemon , tropical fruits , kush .

Looks dry / crumbled bud : Dried buds are pear-shaped , are dense and compact , with goblet of medium / large size.
The resin develops early during floraci'n . The shredded buds are sticky, light green with darker tones.

Effect speed : fast
Duration of effect : long
Quality / Type of effect : extremely strong , mental , confused , intellectual . Creative but chaotic .
Medicinal Qualities : combat apathy and depression.

Afgooey is a renowned variety of Northern California
To date veriedad that was only produced by cuttings , but we managed to feminize it .
Afgooey is a strong and vigorous plant. Its leaves are thick and dark green with overlapping leaflets . This variety is distinguished by its internudal short distance structure of shrub , thick branches and stem width . The variety can rsistir Afgooey high EC levels and is suitable for cultivation in SOG ( Sea of Green) and Scrog . Grows well in all cropping systems and develops very well outdoors . The buds are pear-shaped , they are dense , compact with medium to large cup size.
The resin is very dense and the plants start to smell very strong mid- flowering.
The Afgooey variety is very powerful, has a cerebral effect that could be described as confusing, deep, almost chaotic.
The effect is quick and lasting . Its flavor is reminiscent of afghani old school variety with a fruity touch. It has an earthy taste at first, but becomes sweet and fruity with notes of orange , lemon and tropical fruits.

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