Light Rail 4.0 Intelli Drive

Rail two meters with a motor to move the lamps inside the indoor growing, so you can cover more space culture room with the same power and give marijuana plants light from different angles to that branch better. New version with digital speed control and downtime. Compatible with Light Rail 3.5 - 3.0.

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Why move the light source?
Move a light on a rail 2 meters should increase the coverage area of ​​said light source at approximately 1.6 m. This results in reduced production costs because it increases the performance of a single light source. The lumens produced by a light for growth decreases with increasing distance from the source. To prevent heat that kills plants and associated with stationary growth lights, the focus should be kept further away from the plants.

For example, plants end up getting far fewer lumens than what they really need. By moving the light, you can increase the tolerance of plants to light bulbs (and will be making better use of the light source) without generating the dreaded heat. This results in reduced operating costs and increased performance. If you can move the light from one end to the other of its growing steadily, will be making the lighting comes into effect in a greater variety of angles. This makes the foliage growing on the bottom of the plant, usually only receives shadow receives more light.

As a larger area of ​​the plant will participate in the process of photosynthesis, will be able to diminish their costs and increase their yields.

Surface cultivation rectangular motorized linear lighting system is recommended. The self-powered Light Rail 4.0 Intelli Drive is without doubt the best motorized system of linear lighting market. No pulleys, chains and gears. Simply you must mount the standard rail 2 meters above the desired surface and place the lamp drive motor on the rail.

The model Light Rail 4.0 Intelli Drive is provided controls to adjust the speed and time of detention and can easily coordinate the path of the lamp. This system is ideal for either a small starter culture to one that is already fully installed. You can extend the standard rail with an extra track.

Light Rail 4.0 comes equipped with a factory warranty of two years.

- Save energy
- Lower the temperature of hot spots and
- Plants healthier and better crops
- Allow the lamp closer to the plants
- Motor low consumption (9W)

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Light Rail 4.0 Intelli Drive