PRO Grow Kit LED 600W Tent

Professional indoor grow kit with LED lighting. LED lighting is the latest in LED systems, with high efficiency, low heat generation and a full spectrum for the entire plant cycle. The result is less stressed plants with more resin. The kit includes everything you need for spectacular harvests.

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The Professional 600W LED Grow Kit consist of the following common elements:

Prima Klima ø125 turbine extractor fan for excellent heat extraction and air renewal.

Helical intractor VK125 190 m3 / h, for the intake of fresh air.

Combiconnect tube 127 x 5 metres

PrimaKlima 125/400 odor filter, removes odors from the extractor in full bloom.

Oscillating clamp fan with two power settings to strengthen the stems and prevent hot air pockets.

Digital Timer for turning on and off all the equipment.

Digital Thermohygrometer with probe to control the temperature and humidity of the crop.

Reinforced pulleys up to 68kg, to raise and lower the lamps comfortably.

Flanges to fit the tube to the extractor.

Bactohemp 10grs, mycorrhizae to stimulate the roots.

HY-Pro Terra base nutrient for the growth and flowering phase, 1l.

Bio Synergy, growth and flowering stimulator to increase the development and the final result of plants, 500ml.

PK + 23/27, nutrient based on phosphorous and potassium for explosive bud flowering, 500ml.

pH Down agent, ghe - terra aquatica, 500ml.

16 Pots 7L to make spectacular plants. 

16 raised plates of 20cm, to collect the water that the plants drain.

Gift of 16 Feminised seeds to choose from some of the delights of Advanced Seeds or 00Seeds.



Tent to choose:

Cultibox + 150: 420D Mylar Stucco 420D opaque canvas grow box with excellent quality / price. (150x150x200cm)

Dark Room 150 DR150 R4.0: Quality tent, very resistant and durable from the Secret Jardin brand. (150x150x217cm)

LED Luminaire to choose from::

Vanguard LED Cosmos 650W: Mixed-spectrum LED luminaire for the entire plant cycle, manufactured with high-quality Samsung chips. It has a potentiometer to regulate the power in each state of the crop and is compatible with Solux Master Controller for more programming options. This panel does not have a ballast so it generates less heat than other LED's. Efficacy: 2.4 µmol/J - PPF: 1560 µmol/J

LED Lumatek Zeus 600 2.6: The Lumatek Zeus 600 LED luminaire creates an even distribution over plants with a full spectrum. Manufactured with LUMLED and Osram LEDs it achieves an efficiency of 2.6 µmol/J - PPF of 1570 µmol/J. It is dimmable from 25% - 50% - 75% and 100%. Dimensiones: 1091x1182.4x81.2mm.

LED SunSystem RS1850 720W: Sun System's 720W RS 1850 LED panel, which after leading the market in the USA, jumps to Europe with a quality and prices difficult to see. The RS 1850 Panel consists of 6 120W bars spread over a width of 1.1m giving a homogeneous light distribution and leaving a light footprint of up to 1.5m2. Suitable for control with Gavita Master Controller EL1. Easy to transport as it is foldable.

LED Lumatek Zeus 600W Pro 2.9: 600W LED panel with full spectrum for the whole cycle, either growing or flowering of an indoor marijuana crop. Manufactured with high quality LED diodes, such as LumLed (white) and Osram (red). Dimmable from 25% to 100%. Efficacy: 2.9 µmol/J - PPF: 1770 µmol/J

Gavita LED PRO 1700e: LED panel with a power of 645W with a high efficiency and quality, surpassing the HPS of 600W. It has a full spectrum which makes plants and flowers stronger and healthier. Efficacy: 2.6 µmol/J - PPF: 1700 µmol/J

pH meter to choose from:

Drop test: pH test kit, an easy and reliable test. To know the pH level of a nutrient solution with which we will water our marijuana plants.

Adwa AD-100: Digital pH meter from Adwa AD100, to know the pH of the water with which we will water our marijuana plants, equipped with a microprocessor to ensure fast and stable readings.

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PRO Grow Kit LED 600W Tent

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