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  • Plastic tutors to hold your marijuana plants. With these tutors you will not run the risk of breaking the branches of your cannabis plants when your buds are in full blast. It is recommended to place them at the beginning of the crop in order to avoid breaking the roots. Different measures.

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  • Elastic net to hold the branches of your marijuana plants when in full bloom with heavy buds; also be used for growing indoors by SCROG. Some screens are compatible with various sizes of closet and are made of white elastic with a thickness of 3 mm and with a hook at each end for installation in your closet culture.

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  • Plastic mesh for growing marijuana, both indoor and outdoor, SoG type (Sea of Green) or SCRoG (Screen of Green). Hole size: 40mm x 140mm. Price per square meter.

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  • Elastic mesh of different sizes that adapts from 80x80cm to 120x120 cm for indoor marijuana growing in wardrobes. With this net we will prevent the plants from falling under the weight of the buds, they are also used for Sog or Scrog cultivation, leaving the tips of the plants at the same height, achieving a uniform crop.

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  • Plastic Net for SOG o SCROG 1 x 5 m 1 x 10 m 2 x 5 m 2 x 10 m

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