Bombilla Philips Son - T Pia Plus
  • Bombilla Philips Son - T Pia Plus

Bombilla Philips Son - T Pia Plus

Bulb Philips Son-T Pia plus lamps, high pressure sodium, with PIA (Philips Integrated Antenna) technology, high output and long life flow, keeping the tone spectrum for longer.

Potencia: 400W

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Superior technology ensures long and reliable lifetime, high lumen maintenance, reliable power throughout the life of the lamp and restart virtually instantaneous (<30 seconds)

The high efficiency and absence of lead (E40) make good environmental alternative

Is the sodium lamp market more efficient high pressure.


Ceramic discharge tube with integrated antenna for long and reliable life

Clear tubular outer bulb

Lead-free lamps (E40)

"Plus" concept, high efficiency lamps with higher luminous flux

The getter (getter impurities) of Zr Co ensures high lumen maintenance and few early failures

The robust construction with fewer welds, provides greater resistance to shock and vibration resulting in fewer early failures

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