Secadero Dark Box Dryer
  • Secadero Dark Box Dryer

Secadero Dark Box Dryer

With the Dark Box Dryer we can dry up to 500gr of dry buds easily and comfortably. It unfolds in 6 micro perforated meshes for proper ventilation, 90cm in diameter with a 5cm profile that will prevent our flowers from falling. Ideal size for use in a 2m high closet. It includes a transport bag where we can pick it up and a hook to hang it.


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This drying mesh allows us to dry a large quantity of marijuana in the space of one square meter, since its arrangement is vertical.

The dryer is made up of a structure that tightens the mesh on which the marijuana is dried.

This folding dryer includes a hook to hang from the ceiling and to be able to unfold its 6 levels. They have a diameter of 90 centimeters, we can dry more than half a kilogram dry at once without worrying too much. With a profile of 5 centimeters, it protects the material from being able to roll and fall from the side.

The mesh is fully micro-perforated, in this way it allows air to pass through it, which will help us to prevent the formation of fungi during the drying phase of our marijuana.

It is fully foldable, to occupy the minimum space.

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