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Luxury fem - Deluxe Seeds

100% Sativa variety. Impressive results after 4 generations of backcrossing, looking for that taste so characteristic of the Power Plant 80's, while maintaining its rapid flowering. Marijuana plant, vigorous and easy to grow that support large amounts of nutrients. The taste is fresh and soft with very appreciated stimulating effect. Flowering indoor: 50-55 days; 550 gr / m2.

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Genetics: Power Plant x Old School

Height: Medium / High Size.

Flowering indoor: Its harvest comes after 8 weeks under 12/12 photoperiod, leaving an incredible yield up to 580gr / m2.

Flowering outdoor: Outdoors its optimum harvest is in mid-September, a record for a genetic 100% Sativa, leaving to more than 1kg / plant.

Flavor (burnt): Intense, green, incense, spicy.
Aroma (unburned): Incense, spicy, with floral notes.

Bud Appearance: Compact and white; the amount of resin produced by this gene is impressive.


Duration of effect: Long, almost eternal.

Speed of effect: Instant effect, 3 puffs enough to feel the beat in your brain.

Quality effect: Its effect is powerful and fast, very stimulating mental and social level, the world has never been so wonderful.


Luxury is a pure South African Land Race, Power Plant 100%. Taking into our possession a phenotype of Power Plant old school tremendously powerful and resinous but with a semi-poor production, we had to take advantage of if or when; so we decided to select a Power Plant with a similar flavor but we give the production a cultivator as you expect and deserve. And behold our result ... Enjoy the luxury!


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Luxury fem - Deluxe Seeds

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