Extractor Dual Vents TT
  • Extractor Dual Vents TT

Extractor Dual Vents TT

Extractors for growing marijuana dual Vents TT Mixed (axial - centrifugal). Easy to disassemble for cleaning. You can choose from 2 speeds, as required.

Modelo: 100 mm - 145/187 m³/h

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Vents TT extractors designed to operate for long periods of time without actually turning off, offer many possibilities besides the advantages of axial and centrifugal extractors. Are designed for situations in which high pressure airflow powerful and low noise is required.

The fan housing is high quality and is made of durable materials (ABS plastic). The engine block assembly is fixed to the support by special clamps close. Maintaining the extractor is so quick and easy, requiring a complete disassembly (needless to only separate the central block of the housing).

The inlet has a collector to allow the entry of air into the fan is smooth. The hemispherical shape of the impeller blades and especially profiled velocity increase airflow providing greater capacity and pressure standard axial fans. Vents TT extractors optimize high performance, improved pressure and low noise.

The models of the TT series are equipped with a single phase motor and can be set in two speeds. The motors have thermal overheating protection to prevent motor overload and have a degree of protection IP4. The bearings extend the life of the extractor, reaching up to 40,000 hours of continuous operation.

Vents TT extractors can be installed at any angle and position also several devices can be installed both in parallel and in line.

The exhaust housing is equipped with a flat mounting plate to secure the fan to the wall. The junction box can be installed rotated to any position to facilitate access to cabling.

Dual 2 Speed ​​Extractor TT TT-100 (145-187m3 / h)
Air flow: 145-187 m3 / h
Revol. / Min .: 2300 obr / min
Power: 21/33 W
Flow: 145/187 m³ / h
Sound pressure (3 m): 27/36 dBA
Type of protection: IP4
Weight: 1.4 kg

Dual 2 Speed ​​Extractor TT TT-125 (220-280 m3 / h)
Air flow: 220-280 m3 / h
Revol. / Min .: 2400 obr / min
Power: 23/37 W
Flow: 220/280 m³ / h
Sound pressure (3 m): 28/37 dBA
Type of protection: IP4
Weight: 1.4 kg

Dual 2 Speed ​​Extractor TT TT-150 (460-550 m3 / h)
Air flow: 460-550 m3 / h
Revol. / Min .: 2400 obr / min
Power: 30/60 W
Flow: 405/520 m³ / h
Sound pressure (3 m): 33/44 dBA
Type of protection: IP4
Weight: 3 kg

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