Indica with dense flower formation, with spicy and sweet flavor. Major crops. Flowering indoor: 60 days. Interior - exterior.

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According to weed folklore , the original G13 cutting was rescued from a government research facility by an unknown technician . The news of his release spread quickly among the civilian population lover of cannabis, in the beginning just like a story. However, as that single clone produced further cuttings, which became mother plants and eventually whole flowering crops , smokers were able to prove the power of the earthquake indicates genuine article and G13 rapidly attained the status of living legend .

To create seeds which captured G13 's astounding qualities required a parent very special pollen , I finally found the breeding program of Hash Plant Sensi . The resulting variety of seeds G13xHP was a limited edition and garnered a reputation for the best that was available a few years .

In 1999 , Sensi Seeds is proud to re G13xHash Plant production under the new name of Mr Nice , in honor of Howard Marks, cannabis activist , writer and former hashish entrepreneur .

Indica connoisseurs will love the bouquet of 'double Afghani ' Mr Nice: dense Indica clusters have a rich , spicy and sweet, pure resin glands , blends with dark , earthy background . When sampling the stickiest nuggets, the taste of burning trichomes can be strong enough to convince anyone who is smoking a mix of hashish and ganja.

G13xHash Plant is the ultimate Indica, designed for smokers who enjoy testing their limits and growers who specialize in solid , heavy, ultra- powerful crops. The knock Afghanica is so perfectly and powerfully expressed by Mr Nice that even Indica -fanatics may have met their match .

Flowering indoor : 60 days

Interior Height: 100-130 cm

Indoor Yield: up to 100 grams

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