Sustrato Tierra PG5
  • Sustrato Tierra PG5

Substrate Super Light Mix 70L

Super Light Mix substrate for indoor or outdoor marijuana growing. It has a fine structure composed of blond peat, black peat, perlite, trichodermas and rooting. The substrate comes with a gentle ecological pre-fertilization to feed the plants or cuttings for about 15 days, from that moment apply fertilizer on the plants.

Opciones: 70 Litros

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Substrate for marijuana made from blond, black and perlite peat. High quality peat from the Baltic, very fine, ideal for our plants. The perlite aerates and hydrates the substrate, in addition it also has trichodermas, to protect the roots from pathogenic fungi and rooting to help the plant have more roots, healthier and stronger. Ecological soft fertilizer for about 15 days.

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