Kit Yield Master 150mm 600W Digital
  • Kit Yield Master 150mm 600W Digital

Kit Yield Master 150mm 600W Digital

600W lighting kit with cooled reflector Sun System Yield Master. Perfect for when we have temperature problems, as by attaching it to an extractor we will remove much of the heat generated by the bulb to the outside of the crop. Several models of electronic ballasts and bulbs for growth, mixed and flowering among the best brands to choose from.

Choose Ballast: Hortimax Regulable (pro)
Choose Light Bulb: Eco Line HPS Mixta

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The Yield Master 600W cooled lighting kit consists of the following elements:

- Sun System Yield Master 150mm reflector, cooled reflector, fully sealed, with glass, hinges and double gasket for an airtight seal. Includes tempered glass. Highly reflective aluminium interior for excellent light reflection and diffusion. The retaining cable prevents the glass from falling on the plants. Construction uses screws and locking mechanisms for ease of use and excellent sealing. The extraction/ventilation sleeves are 150 mm and have a ring-shaped flange to hold the ducts securely in place. Powder coated galvanised steel housing. Dimensions: 63.5cm x 60.7cm x 24.4cm and 150mm mouth.

- 600W ballast to select from the following models and brands:

Hortimax Dimmable: Latest technology dimmable electronic ballast, it offers 4 output power modes ranging from 250W, to 400W, to 600W and finally 660W. All ballasts come equipped with a 1 meter power cable and are prepared for wall mounting. Plug & Play.

Lumatek Dimmable: These electronic ballasts are the best in their category, with a compact design and high quality components, they make the Lumatek a dynamic ballast in which you can select the power depending on the plant stage between 250 - 400 - 600 - 600SL. Plug & Play

- 600W bulb to choose from the best brands:

ECO Line HPS Mixed: HPS Mixed bulb for the entire cycle of plants, growth and flowering. 

ECO Line HPS Bloom: High pressure sodium bulb for flowering (HPS), with good value for money. 

Agrolite HPS Mixed: HPS bulb both for growth and flowering with 85000 Lm. 

Pure MH: Metal halide bulb, specific for plant growth. 

Sylvania Grolux: Mixed spectrum bulb (growth and flowering) and good yield 90000 Lm. 

Sylvania TS: High pressure sodium bulb (HPS), for the flowering phase of marijuana crops indoors with 90000Lm. 

Philips Green Power: Mixed growth and flowering bulbs with the best results, 90,000 Lm. 

Sunmaster MH: Specific bulb for plant growth, high performance and with very defined and stable spectra, 50000 Lm.

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