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Sensi Grow A - B Polvo Hidrosoluble pH Perfect - Advanced Nutrients
  • Sensi Grow A - B Polvo Hidrosoluble pH Perfect - Advanced Nutrients

Sensi Grow A - B Polvo Hidrosoluble pH Perfect - Advanced Nutrients

Advanced Nutrients presents the new professional format of one of its flagship products: the "SENSI" line

Designed to generate extraordinarily vigorous growth, you will notice how your plants grow day by day with a solid structure that will allow them to resist the weight of the powerful and heavy flowering caused by the professional line of SENSI.

With a very high solubility and assimilation, this new format is designed to maximize the yield of your crop, increasing production and aroma in large-scale crops.

Opciones: 500 gramos

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This new formulation is designed for European growers who want to achieve a very high yield without sacrificing quality. It is also more manageable for large crops where the use of liquid fertilizers is sometimes cumbersome.

The new water-soluble powder format covers all the specific needs in each phenological stage of the plant, being made up of the best raw materials on the market.

It contains a perfect proportion of macro and micronutrients so that your plants have a perfect color throughout the crop, as well as three forms of premium iron that are highly assimilable directly by the plant.

It is perfectly suitable for all types of cultivation, both substrate, coco or hydroponic.

Sensi's professional series requires pH regulation so that you can adapt it to any growing medium, genetics and conditions to get the most out of your nutrients.

It is recommended to dilute the dose that we have to apply in our final tank first in a small container with warm water and then include this concentrated solution in the final irrigation tank to ensure maximum efficiency.


Sensi Grow soluble powder Part A Pro Series

Nitrogen 9%

Phosphorus 10%

Potassium 28%

Magnesium 3%

sulfur 4.8%

Boron 0.04%

Copper 0.002%

Iron 0.2%

Manganese 0.2%

Molybdenum 0.0005%

Zinc 0.03%

Sensi Grow soluble powder Part B Pro Series

15 Nitrogen 15%

Phosphorus 0%

Potassium 0%

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