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Voodoo Plus - Advanced Nutrients
  • Voodoo Plus - Advanced Nutrients

Voodoo Plus - Advanced Nutrients

Take your plants to the next level with the new Voodoo Plus! Super concentrated dissolving tablets that contain all the microorganisms of VOODOO, TARANTULA AND PIRANHA at just a fraction of the price!

Each tablet contains the necessary microorganisms for 400L of water

Opciones: Paquete 5u + 2 auto Maxi Gom Regalo

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A whole army that will maximize the root system of your plants as well as protect them against unwanted diseases and help in the absorption of water and nutrients so that your plants do not waste energy removing them from the soil.

It contains ectomycorrhizae, endomycorrhizae, trichoderma and beneficial soil bacteria that generate countless benefits for your crop, all of them focused on increasing the production and quality of your flowers.

This new format allows you to have all the power of microorganisms without taking up a lot of space, very easy to apply for large crops that prioritize the highest quality and want to stand out from other growers. In addition, the solid and dry format extends the life of the product, with which it will always be in optimal conditions.

It is recommended to apply in the transplant and the first weeks of growth in combination with Carboload or Bud Candy

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