Auto Jack Herer - Advanced Seeds
  • Auto Jack Herer - Advanced Seeds
  • Auto Jack Herer - Advanced Seeds

Auto Jack Herer - Advanced Seeds

Auto Jack Herer by Advanced Seeds is an autoflowering version of the legendary Jack Herer strain, designed to deliver the outstanding characteristics of this iconic variety in an automatically flowering format. The original Jack Herer is known for its exceptional flavor profile, potency, and balanced effects, making it one of the most respected and awarded strains in the cannabis world. The Auto Jack Herer version aims to capture these qualities, adding the advantage of a shorter life cycle and increased ease of cultivation thanks to its autoflowering genetics.

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Auto Jack Herer autoflowering cannabis seeds - Advanced Seeds

This strain combines the genetics of the original Jack Herer, which is a sativa-dominant hybrid known for its complex genetic blend including Haze, Northern Lights #5, and Skunk lineages, with Ruderalis genetics to confer the ability to flower automatically. The result is a plant that maintains the dominant sativa profile of Jack Herer but can be harvested in a shorter time frame.

Auto Jack Herer completes its cycle from germination to harvest in approximately 65-70 days, making it ideal for growers seeking quick results. Being autoflowering, it does not depend on changes in the light cycle to flower, making it easier to grow and suitable for a wider range of environments and conditions, both indoors and outdoors.

It develops medium-sized marijuana plants with a compact and sturdy structure that facilitates handling in limited growing spaces. It develops dense and resinous elongated buds, characteristic of Jack Herer genetics, covered in trichomes that shine with a crystalline appearance. Auto Jack Herer preserves the aroma and flavor profile of its predecessor, characterized by spicy notes, pine wood, and a touch of sweetness. The flavor is complex and satisfying, with a depth that reflects its rich genetic heritage.

The effects are mainly stimulating, providing an instant and powerful cerebral high followed by a mild body relaxation. It is suitable for daytime use as it promotes creativity and concentration without causing the heavy sensation associated with many indicas.

AUTO JACK HERER (Advanced Seeds) Tech Specs:

Seed type: 100% Autoflowering - Feminized

Genotype: Mostly Sativa
THC: 15%

Indoor/Outdoor Harvest: 65-70 days from germination

Indoor Height: 75-100 cm
Indoor Yield: 400-500 g/m2
Outdoor Height: 90-180 cm

Terpene Profile: Spices, Woody, Sweet
Effects: Fast-hitting, Mood booster, Creative, slight body relaxation

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Mostly Sativa

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