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Bloom Nutrients BAC have been specially developed to meet all the needs of your crop during the flowering cycle. Organic nutrient substances only high quality that can be used easily absorbed. The balanced formula ensures that your plants get all the nutrients they need.

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This will allow better and faster development during the flowering phase. Especially have exuberant flower creation and training...

Using flowering stimulator BAC, micro-organisms which ensure that the necessary elements of BAC Bloom, immediately available to your plants are activated. In combination with BAC Bloom Stimulator, BAC Organic Bloom will make your crop more resistant against all kinds of soil diseases (Pythium, Fusarium), insects and pests (thrips, spider mite) and any climate errors by the grower. The use of BAC Bloom Stimulator active micro-organisms useful so that your plants will benefit from an optimally balanced soil life.

Thanks to the large amount of trace elements and sugars, this fertilizer works in harmony with soil bacteria and mycorrhizae. Organic Bloom Bac Yuccah also contains a wetting agent from the yucca that contributes to adequate penetration into the soil fertilizer. Yuccah also contributes to the stable management of water either in mother earth or in pots.

Highly concentrated.

NPK: 6-5-6
Dosage: 2-3 ml / liter of water.

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Organic Bloom - B.A.C