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Electronic Ballast Agrolite

Electronic Ballast for growing marijuana, controlled microprocessor. Maintains the level of lumens lamp culture for longer than traditional ballasts. Quiet, very light and produces less heat.

Potencia: 250W

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Microprocessor controlled ballast that keeps the level lamp lumen longer than traditional ballasts. Low power only 3 per team and protection to IP43. It is a team that works quietly and is very light, and can be wall mounted. With thermal protection circuits.

Why choose electronic ballasts instead of the traditional electromagnetic ballasts?

1. Quick startup. Reaches its maximum power in less than a minute, instead of electromagnetic ballasts come to take 20 minutes to be at full capacity.

2. Completely silent. You have to be very close to the ballast to hear a very faint sound.

3. Small compact design. A ballast 600 weighs less than 4 kilos compared with 8 kilos of electromagnetic ballast.

4. Produce less heat.

5. Safety circuit. To protect the ballast and the lamp from damage.

6. Extend the life of the lamp. Loss lamp lumen over time is dramatically lower than that of a conventional ballast.

7. Fully compatible. Just to connect lamps high pressure sodium (HPS)

8. Increased number of lumens. 20 to 30% more lumens than with electromagnetic ballast. More lumens = more harvest.

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