Moby Dick fem - Barney's Farm
  • Moby Dick fem - Barney's Farm
  • Moby Dick fem - Barney's Farm
  • Moby Dick fem - Barney's Farm

Moby Dick fem - Barney's Farm

Monstrous Sativa-dominant strain brought to us by Barney's Farm, born from the cross between G13 Haze x White Widow. This powerful classic is still one of the varieties preferred by a large sector of consumers since both the quantity and the quality of the buds it produces is very high. Moby Dick will be ready to harvest after 9-10 weeks of flowering, leaving up to 700 gr / m2 of shiny rocks.

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This little-known gem has proven particularly popular with new growers and experts alike thanks to its astounding yields. Get ready to meet one of the biggest heavyweights of the cannabis strains: Moby Dick. A careful fusion of White Widow and Haze, some of the highest yields to be found, can only mean one thing: Impressive yields of over 700g / m2 that are easy for everyone to achieve. Positive and long-lasting effects. What more can you ask for in a cannabis strain? This girl will fiercely catapult you into an alternate reality of creativity and production, unleashing a swift hit that will keep you fully energized throughout the day without killing you.

THC reaches 27% in Moby Dick. And that is why it is the favorite of so many. A 70-day flowering period adds to the allure of this cannabis strain. Flowering outdoors completes its cycle in the first week of October. Growers love its sweet vanilla scents and guaranteed heroic yields.

Creativo, colocón energizante, eufórico
1.5-2kg per plant
700 gr/m²
63 - 70
250 - 350cm
Haze, Citrus, Spicy Pine and Vanilla
Frankincense, spicy pine, vanilla, Sour Lemon Haze

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Mostly Sativa
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