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Auto Sour Diesel - Barney's Farm
  • Auto Sour Diesel - Barney's Farm
  • Auto Sour Diesel - Barney's Farm

Auto Sour Diesel - Barney's Farm

Barney's Farm has launched an autoflowering version of Sour Diesel, commonly known as Auto Sour Diesel. This adaptation is an automatic flowering version of the classic Sour Diesel strain, one of the most popular sativa-dominant strains globally known for its cerebral and energizing effects and a terpene profile marked by a dominant diesel scent accompanied by subtle touches of herbal and citrus notes. It offers growers a fast and manageable growth cycle without sacrificing the potent effects and aromatic presence that Sour Diesel enthusiasts adore.

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Auto Sour Diesel autoflower cannabis seeds - Barney's Farm

Auto Sour Diesel by Barney's Farm is an autoflowering cannabis strain renowned for its rapid growth cycle and distinctive pungent aroma. It's a robust hybrid that combines the quintessential qualities of the classic Sour Diesel with the convenience of an autoflowering variety. This strain is ideal for those seeking the sharp, fuel-like taste of Sour Diesel in a plant that is easier to manage due to its automatic flowering nature.


Auto Sour Diesel inherits its vigorous growth from Sour Diesel, one of the most popular sativa-dominant strains globally, known for its cerebral, energizing effects. The autoflowering trait is introduced through the addition of a carefully selected ruderalis variety, allowing this plant to flower automatically without a change in light cycles.

Cultivation Characteristics

This variety is suitable for both indoor and outdoor cultivation, with a relatively short flowering time of about 65 to 70 days from germination to harvest. It remains compact, usually reaching a height of about 70-90 cm, which makes it ideal for growers with limited space or those looking to maintain discretion.


With a 23% THC level, Auto Sour Diesel provides a fast-acting and uplifting high, typical of its Sour Diesel heritage. It's known for delivering invigorating cerebral effects that can enhance creativity and energy, making it perfect for daytime use.

Flavor and Aroma

The flavor and aroma profile of Auto Sour Diesel are marked by a dominant diesel scent accompanied by subtle hints of herbal and citrus notes, making it a treat for those who appreciate a complex and sharp terpene profile.

SOUR DIESEL AUTO (Barney's Farm) Tech Specs:

Seed Type: Feminized - Autoflower

Cross: Sour Diesel x BF Super Auto #1
Indica 40% - Sativa 60%

THC: 23%

Life cycle: 65-70 days from germination

Indoor Height: 90-120 cm
Indoor Yield: 500-600 g/m2

Outdoor Yield: 230-300 g/plant
Outdoor Height: 100-140 cm

Terpene Profile: Diesel, Citrus, Pine
Effects: Potent, Energizing, Creative

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Mostly Sativa

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