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Extractor BHO Black Leaf
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Extractor BHO Black Leaf

With the Black Leaf BHO extractor you can make your own oil. It has been designed to make high quality concentrates and oils. Black Leaf has thought of all those growers who would like to make their own extraction, is made of stainless steel and coated with a protective silicone that supports all types of butane gas or clean gas especially for BHO.


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The Black Leaf BHO extractor is manufactured with the intention of achieving an extraction, and with a very simple method of use.

Manufactured with a stainless steel alloy and a non-slip silicone makes it resistant to falls and all kinds of gases.

The Black Leaf brand with extensive experience in the market guarantees us that the materials are of the highest quality.

Instructions for use: 

First unscrew the end of the extractor and fill with dry and trimmed matter (do not overfill) and close again, once that is done connect the butane gas in the small connector on the other side and let the gas work.

After a few seconds you will see how the oil starts to drip, it is important to store it in a flat and non-porous container, and after a while when the extraction is completely purged, you can start dabbing.


Materials: stainless steel alloy and silicone.

Color: Silver and Green

Height: 320mm

Diameter: 35mm

Approximate capacity: 36g

Black Leaf
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