Automatic Colection 2 - 00 Seeds
  • Automatic Colection 2 - 00 Seeds
  • Automatic Colection 2 - 00 Seeds

Automatic Collection 2 - 00 Seeds

The Automatic Collection #2 by 00 Seeds is a pack of 6 autoflowering cannabis seeds that includes the Auto Afghan Mass, Auto Northern Lights, and Auto Sweet Soma varieties by 00 Seeds Bank. If you love old school strains with medium THC levels, this is your collection.


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Pack of 6 feminized Autoflowering seeds, Automatic Collection #2, includes:

2x Auto Afghan Mass: Autoflowering plant. We have combined the aroma, high resin production, and potency of Afghan genetics with the extraordinary qualities of Critical Mass Automatik. Powerful, aromatic, and productive.

2x Auto Northern Lights: Large and productive Indica variety with buds covered in abundant resin. Its cultivation is easy and fast, completing its cycle in about 75 days. Ideal for indoor and outdoor cultivation. Sweet and spicy aroma. Intense physical and mental effects.

2x Auto Sweet Soma: High-yielding Indica Auto with a compact phenotype. It starts flowering very early, so the plant ends up developing huge and sweet buds. Resistant and easy to cultivate. Delicious flavor and pleasant physical effects.


00 Seeds

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Mostly Indica

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