Vaporizador Da Vinci Miqro
  • Vaporizador Da Vinci Miqro
  • Vaporizador Da Vinci Miqro
  • Vaporizador Da Vinci Miqro
  • Vaporizador Da Vinci Miqro
  • Vaporizador Da Vinci Miqro

Vaporizador Da Vinci MIQRO

New Da Vinci portable cannabis vaporizer. Ultra compact and small-sized vaporizer, which fits perfectly in your hand and weighs less than 100g. Like its predecessor, the entire steam duct is manufactured in zirconia, thus achieving extreme flavor and steam quality.


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The MIQRO is a small, compact vaporizer that comes in a variety of beautiful finishes. It offers a vapor of great flavor, thanks to the air route in zirconium, and you will get some wonderful clouds. It is a stealthy vape driving very advanced that can be obtained for a reasonable price.

The MIQRO is 33% smaller than the IQ. To reduce the size, DaVinci has reduced the capacity of the oven and has put a smaller battery, which makes it perfectly suitable for the connoisseur of herbs that likes to microdose. This device only weighs 100g and fits perfectly in your hand. It has an elegant appearance thanks to its impeccable design.

DaVinci included its intelligent path technology that offers four customizable temperature profiles. You can adjust the temperature directly if you prefer. They also kept the integrated poker tool, which can be very useful.

The MIQRO comes with 3 different control options: temperature, SMART PATHS and boost mode. This guarantees a unique experience that you can customize every time you fill the camera with some freshly ground grass.

With DaVinci MIQRO, you can adjust the size of the stove by up to 50%. In this way, you will get more out of your head, especially when you do not have much left. It's a great way to make your reserves last longer, and to get stronger puffs.

The MIQRO comes with a rechargeable and interchangeable 18350 battery. This means you can carry an extra battery when you leave the house and do not have access to a plug. The battery takes 1.5-2 hours to fully charge and lasts several long vaping sessions.

The Da vinci MIQRO includes:

  •     USB charging cable
  •     Accessories kit
  •     Extendable nozzle
Da Vinci
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