Critical Cheese auto
  • Critical Cheese auto

Critical Cheese auto

Critical + autoflowering x Cheese autoflowering cross with spectacular results. If you are looking autoflowering intense flavor and quality this is your plant. Harvest: 65-70 days.

Opciones: Paquete 3u.

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It has sweet and intense flavor, Cheese with Critical +, with a pattern of very regular growth, and open structure typical of large internodes Critical +. The buds are dense, meaty, full of resin, and in the final phase of maturation must use carbon filters, as the smell can become uncontrollable. If your looking for a marijuana strain that intense high quality flavor, this is your choice.

Indica predominance
Flowering: 65-70 days
THC: Medium
Production: High
Overall Height: up to 140cm

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Mayor Indica (relajante)
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