Critical + auto - Dinafem
  • Critical + auto - Dinafem
  • Critical + auto - Dinafem
  • CRITICAL + Auto

Critical + auto - Dinafem

The Critical + Automatic is a hybrid Dinafem Indica / Sativa / Ruderalis, created from the recessive combination of our Critical + with Dinafem Dinafem Roadrunner genetic lines.

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With this we have gotten as close as possible to the original aroma and flavor, while maintaining a high genetic diversity that ensures optimum resistance to pests and diseases. In initial tests of the Critical + Automatic we have observed that it is a variety with a very regular pattern of growth characterized by large internodes , which favor a typical open structure of the progenitor Critical + . This open structural pattern is conducive homogeneity of regular and light penetration throughout the plant , favoring increased production and a regular and intense growth of the buds along the whole plant. Reaching an average height of 80-90 cm inside also shows characteristics thin sheets of a light green color and a branching pattern that inevitably reminds us of her mother , well known for its extremely sweet flavor, excellent production tight buds resinous quality .

For years, it has chosen the good and Critical + for different reasons: exterior, for its speed and mass production , considered the best option for a quick harvest , indoors , for its good adaptation to the environment and great performance. In every conceivable and used as reference variety crop after crop sites, Critical + has been consistently chosen to compare with any other variety (but is harvested later than Critical + ? Produces like Critical + ? These are questions we have launched frequently) , for their ability to always offer good batons 1st quality buds with a sweet aroma and fruity taste cloying , s hardly forget that everyone loves.

Noting the entry into bloom new Critical + Automatic have found that in addition to inheriting a vegetative aspect that strongly resembles the Critical Original + , so do the formations of flowers or buds , which surprised to enter the final phase of maturation, with characteristic orange pistils Skunk heritage and productivity seems clearly inherited from the Critical + , with that distinctive fruity and sweet scent line and forming a tight buds and bulky with large proportion of chalices . The texture and appearance of the buds are therefore quite similar to that of Critical + and recedes more and more of what until now we knew in autoflowering commercial hybrids in size and proportion of the flowers, this proportion has clearly increased , and we can say that will be difficult to distinguish a bud of this variety of a variety not autoflowering . Also, the work of genetic recombination has given a positive result which no longer remain in the Critical + Automatic residues characteristic of the first auto-flowering , did not like a lot of flavor , and although this is not an exact copy of the mother, either who knows the aromatic characteristics of the Critical + elite may recognize the perfection in this new second generation automatic checking that in turn has completely eliminated the range of earthy flavors and "green" automatic generation before .

The result is clear: as auto flowering 2nd generation, Critical + Automatic is a super- automatic that can offer the production of buds of unknown quality in automatic above , and also has managed to fix clearly the fruity end with hints of sweet orange that has made Critical + and a recognized super- sales range . Therefore, we believe that the aroma and taste of the new Critical + Automatic is certainly on par with any commercial variety commonly consumed in the streets of any European city, and thus is prepared to convince those who had never tried a variety self- flourishing . The power of the Critical + Automatic is medium , with a distinctive and somewhat sedative relaxing effect due to the presence of medium to high CBD balancing the composition of the main cannabinoids.

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Indica/Sativa Hybrid
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