Melon Gum fem
  • Melon Gum fem

Melon Gum fem

Melon Gum has everything you want in a plant, taste, production, color. A cross between Lavender (Soma Seeds) x Bubblegum (Serious Seeds). Flowering indoor: 7-8 weeks. Outdoor harvest: early October

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A delicacy in Plus Size . This plant was originally a whim , looking to retain the flavor of the immense Lavender ( soma seeds ) but between shades of melon and strawberry gum introduced a parental Bubblegum (Serious Seeds) .

We have kept the color of this variety , ranging from blue , red and black , and we got a monster weight . And most importantly , with early flowering 50 to 57 days. The buds of these super girls , are not easily forgotten .

More potent effect that , do not expect it to have a light color , on the contrary, this produces a decent kills highs to remember , especially if you go with friends, it's really fun . No doubt, if you want a plant colors , beautiful, full of resin, rock-hard buds and extra large output, this is your plant.

The aroma can be a strong , use of filter is recommended . In outdoor crops may become the queen of your garden, not only the colors but the contrast between white and purple buds resin .

In hydro or aero crops should not give vegetative, it would be chaos . With its predominance indicates , we will notice a well branched plant broad leaves , medium color with a strong aroma early. The flavor varies from dry sweetest lemons to a mix between berries and bitter melon, very tasty and very accomplished in this strain.

Flowering time: 7 to 8 weeks
Outdoor harvest: end of September , early October .
Indoor Yield: 600 - 800gr
Outdoor yield : around a kilo per plant in mother earth , thanks to UV lining develops , colorful and filled with resin.

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Mostly Indica
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