Shaman - Dutch Passion
  • Shaman - Dutch Passion
  • Shaman - Dutch Passion
  • Shaman - Dutch Passion
  • Shaman - Dutch Passion
  • Shaman - Dutch Passion
  • Shaman - Dutch Passion

Shaman - Dutch Passion

Shaman by Dutch Passion is a hardy Sativa-dominant strain known for its short flowering time, robust growth and beautiful purple buds. Ideal for outdoor and greenhouse cultivation, this strain offers a fast flowering time of 8 weeks and a high yield. Shaman delivers a fresh, fruity, and spicy aroma with an energetic, uplifting high. Available as feminized cannabis seeds, it is perfect for novice and experienced growers alike.

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Shaman Feminized Cannabis Seeds - Dutch Passion

Shaman by Dutch Passion is a durable and hardy Sativa-dominant strain that stands out for its vigorous growth and heavy, thick flowers. With decades of proven outdoor and greenhouse performance, Shaman is a top choice for fans of potent and flavorful outdoor cannabis seeds. This champion strain from Dutch Passion is celebrated for its resilience and high yield, making it a favorite among growers.


Shaman is a fast flowering Sativa-dominant outdoor plant. It originates from a breeding program where an early Skunk was crossed with a colorful Purple #1 male. This F1 hybrid combines the strength and vigor of Skunk with the unique hues and flavors of the Purple strain, resulting in a plant that is easy to grow and highly resistant to adverse conditions. Shaman has been selectively bred over many generations to enhance its outdoor performance and resilience.

Appearance and Plant Structure

Shaman is an elegant plant with clear Sativa characteristics. It has an open, stretchy structure with slender, long leaves. The buds are long and airy, with a distinctive purple hue in about 50% of the plants. The color can range from light pink to dark purple, and the flowers often display a Christmas tree structure. The plants can reach heights of 1-2 meters, with some reaching over 3 meters in optimal conditions. The long, thick blooms can grow up to 50cm in length, making Shaman a visually striking plant.

Cultivation Characteristics

Shaman is an ideal strain for both novice and experienced growers. It is easy to grow and highly resistant to pests and diseases, making it suitable for a variety of outdoor and greenhouse environments.

Indoor Cultivation: Indoors, Shaman has a fast flowering time of about 8 weeks. and a yield potential of 400 g/m2. It is suitable for SCROG setups due to its stretchy nature and long internodes. The plants respond well to topping and fimming, which can help control their height and encourage bushier growth.

Outdoor Cultivation: Outdoors, Shaman can become quite big, with heights up to 3 meters. It is highly resistant to bud rot and fungus due to its open bud structure, which allows for better air circulation. This strain can handle long periods of bad weather and is perfect for guerrilla growing or cultivation in pots. Shaman grows best in temperate climates but can also perform well in cooler, wet environments with proper care. It will be ready to harvest from late September to early October and can yield up to 750 grams per plant.

Terpene Profile

Shaman boasts a complex terpene profile with a fresh, sweet, and spicy aroma. The scent is a blend of sweet, fruity, floral, and spicy notes, with occasional hints of sourness and pine. The taste is similarly sweet and spicy, with some phenotypes exhibiting a slightly more acidic touch and others a piney, woody character. The green phenotypes tend to have a sweeter taste compared to the purple ones.

Effects and Potency

Shaman provides an uplifting and energetic high typical of Sativa strains. The mental effect is much stronger than the physical, offering a creative and social high. This makes it an excellent choice for social gatherings or stimulating conversations. The smooth, sensual fruity taste enhances the high, making Shaman a delightful strain to smoke. The high is of medium strength and duration, perfect for daytime use without being overpowering.

SHAMAN (Dutch Passion) Tech Specs:

Seed Type: Feminized

Cross: Early Skunk x Purple #1
Genotype: Sativa Dominant
THC: Medium to High

Indoor Flowering: 7-9 weeks
Indoor Height: 1-2 meters
Indoor Yield: 400 g/m2

Outdoor Harvest: Late September to early October
Outdoor Height: Up to 3 meters
Indoor Yield: 500 - 750 g/plant

Terpene Profile: Sweet, Fruity, Floral, Spicy
Effect: Energetic, Uplifting, Creative, Social

Data sheet

Mostly Sativa
Seed Type
Feminized / Photoperiod-Dependant

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