Strawberry Cough - Dutch Passion
  • Strawberry Cough - Dutch Passion
  • Strawberry Cough - Dutch Passion
  • Strawberry Cough - Dutch Passion
  • Strawberry Cough - Dutch Passion
  • Strawberry Cough - Dutch Passion
  • Strawberry Cough - Dutch Passion
  • Strawberry Cough - Dutch Passion

Strawberry Cough - Dutch Passion

Strawberry Cough feminied cannabis seeds by Dutch Passion: a delicious Sativa-dominant strain known for its sweet strawberry flavor and clear, euphoric high. Ideal for both beginners and connoisseurs, this strain grows easily in all mediums and techniques. With a flowering time of 9-10 weeks, Strawberry Cough delivers medium to large yields of dense, trichome-covered buds that provides a delightful and uplifting smoking experience.

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Strawberry Cough Feminized Cannabis Seeds - Dutch Passion

Strawberry Cough by Dutch Passion is an epic Sativa-dominant strain with an unmistakable strawberry aroma and flavor. Known for its clear-headed, euphoric high, this strain has a devoted following among both recreational and medical users. Strawberry Cough is easy to grow, making it suitable for beginners while still offering the quality and potency that experienced growers seek.


Strawberry Cough is a hybrid cannabis strain with a mix of North American and European genetics. This Sativa-dominant variety leans more towards the Sativa side, providing a high that is both uplifting and energizing. The genetics ensure a robust plant that is less fussy with nutrients and has controlled stretch, making it manageable in indoor grow setups.

Appearance and Plant Structure

Strawberry Cough exhibits a hybrid structure with a slight Sativa dominance. The plants grow to a medium height with a bushy appearance. Some phenotypes display beautiful purple hues in the buds, adding to their visual appeal. The buds are dense, cone-shaped, and covered in a thick layer of trichomes, with occasional reddish pistils and colorful purple/pinkish hues in the flowers and leaves. The plants have strong stems that support the weight of the heavy, resinous buds.

Cultivation Characteristics

Indoor Cultivation: Indoors, Strawberry Cough has a flowering time of about 9-10 weeks. It grows quickly during the vegetative phase and stretches moderately during flowering. The plants can be grown using SOG or SCROG techniques to maximize yields, which can reach up to 400 grams per m². The medium height and bushy structure make it suitable for various grow setups.

Outdoor Cultivation: Outdoors, Strawberry Cough performs best in warm, Mediterranean climates. It is not well-suited for colder, wetter climates due to its susceptibility to mold and fungus. When grown in optimal conditions, the plants can produce medium to large yields with high-quality buds.

Terpene Profile

Strawberry Cough is renowned for its rich terpene profile, characterized by a fresh, sweet strawberry aroma. The scent is often accompanied by a candy-like sweetness and occasional spicy, peppery notes. The flavor is predominantly of ripe strawberries, with a sweeter taste on the exhale and hints of spice. This unique and complex terpene profile makes Strawberry Cough a favorite among cannabis connoisseurs.

Effects and Potency

Strawberry Cough delivers a clear, euphoric high that boosts energy and creativity while relieving stress and anxiety. The effect is strongly cerebral, making it ideal for social situations, creative tasks, or simply enjoying a pleasant, uplifting experience. The high is long-lasting, providing hours of enjoyment without causing paranoia. With THC levels ranging between 15-20%, Strawberry Cough offers a potent yet blissfully enjoyable smoking experience.

STRAWBERRY COUGH (Dutch Passion) Tech Specs:

Seed Type: Feminized

Genotype: 25% Indica - 75% Sativa
Cross: Erdbeer x USA Indica

Indoor Flowering: 9-10 weeks
Indoor Height:
Indoor Yield: +400 g/m²

Outdoor Harvest: Late October
Outdoor Height: up to 2 meters
Outdoor Yield:
400-500 g/plant

Terpene Profile: Sweet Strawberry, Spicy, Peppery
Effect: Clear-headed, Euphoric, Uplifting

Data sheet

Mostly Sativa
Seed Type
Feminized / Photoperiod-Dependant

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