Orange Bud 2.0 - Dutch Passion
  • Orange Bud 2.0 - Dutch Passion
  • Orange Bud 2.0 - Dutch Passion
  • Orange Bud 2.0 - Dutch Passion

Orange Bud 2.0 - Dutch Passion

Orange Bud 2.0, an exquisite evolution of the classic Orange Bud, adds to the Orange collection of Dutch Passion. This hybrid combines the potency and aroma of the original Orange Bud with the freshness of Mimosa, creating an unparalleled sensory experience. With a THC content around 20% and an exceptionally rich terpene profile, Orange Bud 2.0 promises an intense and balanced high, with a flavor and aroma that are a true reflection of its citrus pungency. Easy to grow and with a flowering time of 8 to 9 weeks, this variety stands out for its beauty, fruity aroma, and powerful effect, being ideal for growers of all levels.

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Orange Bud 2.0 emerges as the culmination of decades of genetic selection and improvement, embodying the best of Skunk genetics with a modern twist provided by Mimosa. This cross has not only preserved the distinct orange aroma of its predecessor but intensified it, adding layers of complexity with notes of nectarine, grapefruit, peach, and tropical fruits. The result is a symphony of flavors that captivates from the first moment.

In this new version of Orange Bud, the orange aroma and flavor have been intensified. Some phenotypes may have hints of nectarine, grapefruit, peach, and tropical fruits. An exceptionally tasty strain for smoking or vaporizing.

The ease of cultivation of Orange Bud 2.0 makes it accessible for beginners, offering a straightforward path to abundant and premium quality harvests. However, in the hands of experienced growers, this strain reveals its true potential with dense and resinous buds that are a delight for both the eyes and the palate. Its compact structure and stress resistance make it an ideal candidate for a variety of cultivation methods (highly recommended for indoor SOG to maximize yields).

Orange Bud 2.0 not only stands out for its organoleptic profile; its effect is equally impressive. The high THC content ensures a strong and long-lasting high, marked by a gentle euphoria that stimulates creativity and enhances mood. This balance between physical and mental effects makes it versatile, suitable for both recreational and medicinal use, especially in relieving pain, insomnia, and lack of appetite.

In summary, Orange Bud 2.0 represents an exceptional achievement in the world of cannabis, combining the best of classic genetics with contemporary innovations. It is a variety that promises to satisfy the most demanding growers and consumers, offering a unique experience marked by intense flavors, potent effects, and ease of cultivation that makes it stand out in any garden.

ORANGE BUD 2.0 (Dutch Passion) Tech Specs:

Seed Type: Feminized - Photoperiod
Cross: Original Orange Bud x Mimosa
Genotype: Indica/Sativa hybrid

THC: 20%

Height: 75-150 cm
Indoor Flowering Time: 8-9 weeks
Indoor Yield: 450-550 g/m2

Outdoor Harvest: Mid October
Outdoor Yield:

Flavor: Intense, Orange, Citrus, Fruity
Potent, Long-lasting, Hybrid, Creative, Relaxing

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