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Dynavap M7 Vaporizer
  • Dynavap M7 Vaporizer

Dynavap M7 Vaporizer

The latest Dynavap model is here!

The M7 arrives stomping with improvements over its predecessor that will allow you to enjoy your favorite herbs even more, anytime, anywhere, all without batteries!

Do not depend on electricity and enjoy your special moment without restrictions with the highest quality


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Dynavap M7 Manual Vaporizer

Dynavap vaporizers are designed and manufactured in the USA, thinking about comfort and enjoyment, concentrating it in a device that does not require batteries and is extremely resistant to shocks and the passage of time, being a vaporizer "for life."

Constructed of pharmaceutical grade stainless steel, it allows the vaporization of dry herbs manually using a lighter, blowtorch, or induction heater, thus achieving absolute control over the temperature at which we wish to vaporize. It includes a system by which Dynavap M7 will make an audible "click" which will indicate when the correct temperature to vaporize has been reached.

With Dynavap M7 you can taste in detail the terpenes of your favorite herbs, pampering them and offering them in a way in which you can taste them perfectly, appreciating each one of them in detail.

Are you looking for discretion anywhere? Its small size and design will accompany you anywhere, carrying out any activity. You decide where and when to use it!

Save! With Dynavap M7 you will get all the flavor and effects with much less charge (using less than 50% of the material than when rolling a cigarette). Don't waste your flowers!

What advantages do I get with the M7 model compared to other Dynavap models?

  • Greater puffs: The Dynavap M7 filling chamber is now made with more material, thus having much more thermal inertia and conserving heat more efficiently
  • Comfort: Its design will allow you to do long vaping sessions while keeping your hands cool, since heat transfer has been reduced by up to 20%
  • Uniformity: Dynavap, thanks to its materials and construction process, guarantee total uniformity in vaporization. Goodbye hot spots.
  • Increased airflow: Redesigned lid allows for more efficient airflow into the device
  • Thanks to the adjustable container it allows the use of "microdoses" thanks to its adjustable container that reduces the load size by half
  • New more elegant design
  • Generates a "Click" sound when it reaches the proper temperature for vaping

*To adjust the size of the filling chamber, simply remove the tip and replace the screen halfway. This reduces the size of the chamber, allowing you to load smaller amounts of dried flowers.


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